Our School Twinning Project

Our Community:

Our "twinning" network is open to all schools and institutions who share the democratic values of solidarity,  responsible citizenship, tolerance and openness to other cultures.

The program will be open to all schools located in Kosovo, whatever the ethnic origin, language or religion of the students and teachers.

Participants to our project may in no case support, advertise or advocate people, movements or associations that use or promote violence in any form.

Basic Concept:

To make effective use of the potential for learning offered by the emerging Information and Communication Technologies by linking classes, teachers and children in schools in Kosovo with schools in the Western World in a "class twinning" program.
Our Goal: In the short term, the twinning programme will be used as a lever for the reconstruction of a School System in Kosovo.

In the long term it will help to create and reinforce, in all the schools and communities involved, a feeling of belonging to a multinational community based on democratic values of citizenship, tolerance, openness to other cultures and responsible solidarity.

Class Twinning:

Two schools (of which one will be in Kosovo) which decide to twin with each other must define together one common project in which the children and teachers can participate in collaborative learning. Such projects may enable each participant to research and discover things that they have in common or be a part of a larger learning project in which the respective cultures can understand their place in the context of the larger multinational community.

The projects will last for at least one year, and result in the creation of a mini-internet site, accessible to everyone through EducWeb. Depending on the existing infrastructure and competence, the site will be created either by the schools themselves, or by the EducWeb support group based on documents created by the schools.

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